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Arcoscephale is an old kingdom that once ruled much of the known world. With the fall of the Old Kingdom centuries ago, tradition was the only thing that remained to the population. Mystics and priestesses of the old cult still serve the kings of Arcoscephale. The infantry and cavalry are still hopelessly archaic, but the Awakening of the New God has brought some changes. Some traditions have been abandoned and the cavalry has been improved. Skilled and lightly armed phalangites are starting to replace the heavier hoplites and the cardaces. Although the wise Astrologers who aided past kings were killed or disbanded, a new breed of seeresses called the Sibyls has appeared. The Sibyls offer great help in maneuvering the once mighty kingdom to a powerful platform for the Awakening God. Priestesses with great knowledge of healing are trained in ancient temples built during the peak of the Old Kingdom. The priestesses are able to scry upon enemy troops and provinces that are located within the God's Dominion.

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