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A cavern realm of humans and a few remaining Pale Ones. Pale Ones can grow to huge proportions and the old ones are rare and sacred. The Agarthan humans have only limited night vision, whereas the Pale ones see perfectly in the dark.

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In dark caverns under the Roots of the Earth a strange kind of one-eyed humanoids has evolved. Untouched by the sun, they have become known to humans as the Pale Ones. When humans first met these pale giants, it was in war. With the destruction of the false god of the Pale Ones, an ancient seal was broken and vast powers of destruction were released. The Pale Ones were almost wiped out of existence and humans could move down into the caverns of Agartha. Here they found fabulous riches and ancient secrets. The humans slowly replaced the Pale Ones and now most of Agartha's inhabitants are pale-skinned humans with large eyes. Everything left by the Ancient Ones has become subject to worship by the humans. Ancient statues are enchanted and given life by Golem Crafters, priest-mages of the Agarthan Golem Cult. A few surviving Oracles lead the Cult and keep the memories of past ages alive.

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Have racial summons of enliven statues, golems etc.

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