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A cavern realm of humans who worship and consult the remains of the older race of Pale Ones. Cave drakes are tamed and used as mounts for their knights. Ktonian necromancers skilled in Death and Earth magic reanimate the dead so they can continue to assist the realm.

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In dark caverns under the Roots of the Earth a strange kind of one-eyed humanoids once evolved. Untouched by the sun, they became known to humans as the Pale Ones. When humans first met these pale giants, it was in war. With the destruction of the false god of the Pale Ones, an ancient seal was broken and vast powers of destruction were released. The Pale Ones were almost wiped out of existence and humans could move down into the caverns of Agartha. Here they found fabulous riches and ancient secrets. The humans replaced the Pale Ones and now all Agarthans are pale-skinned humans with large eyes. Everything left by the Ancients became subject to worship in Agartha. At first, statues of the Ancients were adored and animated by the Golem Crafters, but most of the statues were destroyed during the great war and new forms of worship have evolved. The mummified remains of the now-extinct Pale Ones are worshipped and reanimated by necromancer-priests. While the mummies of Pale Ones are sacred, the human dead are not treated with the same respect. Used for menial tasks and warfare, the dead of Agartha now walk side by side with the living.

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Strategy Overview Edit

Agartha is a nation that relies on a front line that is extremely hardy to keep their enemy tied up, while their back line delivers the win, either through massed crossbows, evocations, or massing the spell Horde of Skeletons. In front, your mundain infantry is affordable and hardy, but you also have access to the blindfighter, an excellent recruit anywhere sacred with high values in their defence and protection statistics. They work well with a major earth blessing, which brings their protection value to ridiculous levels and counteracts their crippling encumbrance. It is a very viable option to give the blindfighters two major blessings, since the fact that they can be recruited anywhere means your blessing doesnt loose steam as the game progresses. Multiple minor blessings alongside their major earth blessing is also very viable, and even a bless-light build will generally have at least earth to level 6.

While the blindfighters keep your enemy tied up in the front, battles are won by the back line threats you can bring to bear. The Agarthan light crossbow is one of the premier ranged units in the late age. They are among the cheapest crossbowman, but still manage decent protection and significantly boosted damage compared to other crossbows. Agartha can also boost them with Flaming Arrows relatively easily. Later on in the game, when this becomes obsolete, Agartha can rely on its mage corps. The Alchemist is a strong and versitile evocation artillery piece, who can access Falling Fires, Magma Eruption, and Acid Rain. Several Agarthan mages can access Horde of Skeletons as well, particularly the Reanimater, and they find it easy to build up a critical mass of undead chaff in the time that it takes to rip through their solid front line.

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