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A cavern realm of Pale Ones and troglodytes. Pale Ones can grow to huge proportions. Oracles and Earth-Blood mage-kings rule the Pale Ones. All Pale Ones have perfect night vision.

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In dark caverns under the Roots of the Earth a strange kind of one-eyed humanoids has evolved. Untouched by the sun, they have become known to humans as the Pale Ones. The Pale Ones are gifted with perfect darkvision and gills and inhabit underwater rivers and lakes as well as cavernous halls. Pale Ones never stop growing and ancient ones can grow to huge proportions. The wisest of the Ancient Ones are known as the Oracles, priest-mages of great power. The Oracles are gathered in a great, cavernous hall where they divine the fate of the Pale Ones.

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Strategy Overview Edit Edit

EA Agartha is a nation of cave peoples. To that end, they get 20% more gold and resources in cave forts. Most of their units, the Pale/Wet Ones and the Olms, are Amphibious and have Dark Vision, but also suffer from being Cold blooded. Pale and Wet ones also only have a single eye, and have a bonus to sieging forts. Despite having a large amount of troops capable of going underwater, most of the weapons fielded are Ferrous and will rust underwater. In addition, most of your troops do not need to eat, and are quite slow, with no survival abilities present at all in the nation.

The "Hall of the Oracles" site present in your capital allows your earth mages to scry any province they want.

Agartha is also the nation of recruit anywhere sacreds, with everything but the Seal Guard being recruitable out of the cap.

Troops Edit

Wet One: Comes in two different flavours: an armoured one in sharkskin leather armor, and a naked one. The naked Wet One is recruitable in any fort, any cave province, and in underwater fort provinces. The Armored one is only recruitable in underwater forts. In either case, is armed with iron spears.

Ancient Wet One: Sacred. Only recruitable in an underwater fort with a temple. Has all the standard Pale One attributes, and wields an iron spear and is armored with sharkskin armor and a cap. Is notably size 4 and has 42 hit points. Is almost essentially a poorly armored Ancient One.

Pale One Warrior: Comes in two flavours, and can be recruited in both caves and forted land provinces. Wields an iron spear. The cheaper version only gets bronze armor and a cap, while the more resource intensive version gets a buckler.

Pale One Militia: Your cheapest unit. Can be recruited in a cave or a land fort. Has an iron spear, and that's about it.

Pale One: Recruitable in forts and vace. Is size 3 but is otherwise naked. Armed with an iron spear.

Great Olm: Sacred. Recruitable in your capital and in any cave. One of your few units that isn't cold blooded. Has poison and cold resistance, and Blind Fighter 1. Doesn't have any weapons or armor, but does have a mind blast and a life drain attack.

Cavern Guard: Recruitable in caves and forts, is armed with an iron Glaive and wears bronze armor. Notable because it has Castle Defence +1

Ancient Stone Hurler: Sacred. Comes recruitable either with armor or without. In any case, is armed with a rock and a fist, and that's it.These guys and Olms are your only sort of ranged units. Get an A8B8 bless to turn them into laser guided rock snipers.

Ancient One: Sacred. Gets a spear, a size 4 body, and bronze armor, buckler and cap.

Seal Guard: Sacred. One of your more expensive units, and your only sacred that can only be recruited from your capital. Gets a nifty magic weapon, the obsidian glaive, but is only map move 1.

Troglodyte: Your only other non cold-blooded unit. Capped at recruiting 5/month. Are size 4, animal and can trample.

Commanders Edit

Agartha's magic is heavy earth, with a smattering fire, death and water. Realistically, you are going to get to E4, W2, D2, and F2, though there is a chance you can get E5, W3, D3 and F3 on your slow to recruit capital only Oracles with 10 % randoms. The good news is that you get several versions of a level 3 priest, which is convenient for capping thrones.

Oracle of the Dead: Sacred. Cap only. Slow to recruit. Level 3 priests with E3D1 with 100% ED and 10& ED. Has fortune teller 10.

Oracle of Subterranean Waters: Sacred. Cap only. Slow to recruit. Level 3 priests with E3W1 with 100% EW and 10& EW. Has fortune teller 10.

Oracle of Subterranean Fire: Sacred. Cap only. Slow to recruit. Level 3 priests with E3F1 with 100% EF and 10& EF. Has fortune teller 10.

Olm Sage: Sacred. W2E1. Recruitable in your capital and in any cave province with a fort and a temple. Has blind fighter 1, and fortune teller 5. Is unarmed and unarmored, but gets a mind blast and a life drain attack. 

Engraver: Sacred. E1. Can be recruited in forts and in caves. Has adept researcher +2, but can't lead around any troops at all.

Earth Reader: Sacred. Level 1 Priest with E2 and 100% FWD. Is recruitable in every fort. Gets fortune teller 5. Can lead around 40 troops and 10 magic beings.

Ancient Lord: Sacred. Clad in bronze, wields an iron battleaxe. Has inspirational +1 and can lead around 80 troops.

Pale One Commander: Can be recruited in any fort or cave. Can lead around 60 troops.

Troglodyte Lord: A troglodyte unit that can somehow lead around 10 troops at -1 morale. Otherwise, exactly the same as the unit.

Wet One Captain: Can only be recruited in UW Forts. Leads around 60 troops.

Pale One Scout: Has mountain survival and stealthy +50, along the typical pale and wet one stats and abilities.

National Summons Edit

Revive Cavern Wights: Conjuration 3. E1D1, costs 8 death gems. Gives you three Cavern Wights. Cavern Wights are Pale/Wet One undead, so they only get 1 eye, but come back to life with Resist Cold/Poison +25, and a chill aura 3.

Bind Penumbral: Conjuration 3. E1D1, costs 1 death gem. Gives you one Penumbral. Penumbrals are ethereal, undead beings that have a life drain attack. They are also stealthy +40, resist cold 15, and resist poison 25.

Barathrus Pact: Conjuration 3. E2, costs 2 earth gems. Can only be cast wherever the site "Roots of the Earth" is located, which is almost always EA Agartha's Capital. Gets you a size 4 Earth Elemental.

Rhuax Pact: Conjuration 3. F1E1, costs 2 fire gems. Has the same restrictions as Barathrus Pact in that you can only cast in in the same province as the "Roots of the Earth." Gets you 5 Magma Children. which have heat aura 3 and a flame shield.

Bind Umbral: Conjuration 5. D2E1, costs 2 Death gems. May be cast underwater. Gets you a size 4 undead ethereal umbral with a life drain attack.

Living Mercury: Enchantment 4. W1E1, costs 3 water gems. Nets you a size 5 Living Mercury. Not only is it a magic being but it also has a poison cloud 5 effect, meaning you have to typically set it pretty far from your other troops unless they have poison resistance.

National Spells Edit

Unleash Imprisoned Ones: Alteration 9. E6D4, costs 100 earth gems. Really can only be cast by a pretender built around the strategy, though i suppose one could go about empowering an Oracle of the Dead. Spawns three God Vessel units that appear in three random provinces that are not your capital. They will then proceed to wander the earth, destroying everything in their wake. Keep in mind that the God Vessels are independent units, and will have no qualms with running amok all over your land. A significant portion of the population of your capital dies. It also replaces your "Chamber of the Seal" Cap Site with "Chamber of the Broken Seal" which gives you 5 death gems and increases death. There is also a worldwide "Darkness" event, and a bunch of umbrals and penumbrals appear in your cap.

Pretenders Edit

EA Agartha gets the Cheap Pretender option (-20 points cost) on the Underground Pillar, the Earth made Flesh, the Earth Serpent and the Ageless Olm.

For scales, EA Agartha can typically dump heat to help out with their cold blooded units. They also have fortune teller units that can prevent bad events, so misfortune isn't nearly so bad as a scale.

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