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Nation of short-lived, heat radiating humanoids, who also have darkvision (50). In EA, the main path they have access to is fire. They have minor access to astral and blood through their cap-only warlocks, along with minor earth access through the slow-to-recruit Anointed of Rhuax. In EA, most Abysian units are heavily armoured and thus use a good amount of resources. Capitol sites produces a total of 6 fire gems per turn.

Background Edit

Abysia is a hot wasteland, at the center of which lies a great volcano whose lava-lit caverns are inhabited by magma-born humanoids. Their flesh radiates heat and they are not harmed by flames. Abysians are stronger than humans and use very heavy armor and weaponry. Bows are not used, because they would burn to cinders in the glowing hands of the Abysians. The war machine of Abysia also includes Salamanders, lizardlike beings composed of the same hot lava-born flesh as the Abysians. The Anointed of Rhuax and the Anathemant Priests of the Flame Cult practice blood sacrifice to strengthen the power of the Awakening God. The Warlocks of the Smouldercone, a newly formed magical order, practice Blood magic and search for suitable blood slaves in conquered lands. Abysians prefer to live in extremely hot places. They do not farm or hunt for a living, so their income and supplies are not affected by the Growth or Death scale of a province. However, population will still die slowly in Abysia-controlled provinces with Death scales.

Units Edit

Unit Sprite Unit Name Type Cost Res Path H Magic
EAAbysianInfantryAxe Abysian Infantry Unit 20 26 No
EAAbysianInfantryAxe&Shield Abysian Infantry Unit 20 27 No
EAAbysianInfantryFlail Abysian Infantry Unit 20 26 No
EAAbysianInfantryFlail&Shield Abysian Infantry Unit 20 28 No
EAAbysianWarlord Warlord Commander 80 38 No
EAAbysianSalamander Salamander Unit 60 1 No
EAAbysianBeastTrainer Beast Trainer Commander 45 41 No
EAAbysianSlayer Slayer Commander 70 10 No
EAAbysianAnnointedOfRhuax Annointed of Rhuax Mage (Cap only) 425 1 Yes Path F4 Path E1 Path H3 Path R0 (F, E, S, B)
EAAbysianDemonbred Demonbred Commander (Cap only) 80 14 No
EAAbysianWarlock Warlock Mage (Cap only) 135 1 No Path S1 Path B2 Path R0 (F, E, S, B)
EAAbysianWarlockApprentice Warlock Apprentice Mage (Cap only) 55 1 No Path B1
EAAbysianBurningOne Burning One Unit 55 41 Yes
EAAbysianMisbred Misbred Unit (Cap only) 20 5 No
EAAbysianAnathemantSalamander Anathemant Salamnder Mage 175 1 Yes Path F2 Path H1
EAAbysianAnathemantDragon Anathemant Dragon Mage 265 2 Yes Path F3 Path H2

Strategy Overview Edit

  • Heavy infantry - take productivity scales
  • Tons of fire magic: Firestorm, fireball, heat from hell
  • Assassins
  • Blood magic

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